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Velvet Assassin – one top game



Velvet Assassin is a game that has appeared in 2009. Even though it can be called “a moment” game, it is still a good game that really deserves all our attention.

The main character is represented by Violette Summer. The game is a shooter, yet it is the kind of game that needs attention to catch the enemy, patience and good strategy. So, I can say that it is more a strategy game than a shooter game, or better a good mix between these two. So begin to play and don't waste any moment on. You can see famous lists with servers where you can play on their personal site.

Violette Summer is a spy and in the game we are able to be in her skin. So, in this way we are able to go and explore the prisons and dungeons of Gestapoul that were used for torture and to try and find out the secrets of the Nazi Germany and also to mess up with the enemies plans’ using different methods and strategies, like finding out their positions, interfere with their conversations, killing them or destroying their ammunition dumps.

The game starts with Violette Summer in the hospital and what are we playing are in fact her memories. The action takes place in Germany even though Violette is in a hospital in Paris.

In the game you don’t see too often the daylight, the graphic of the game is perfect, realized with a perfect artistic sense, but in the dark and cold dungeons of the Gestapoul, the light is actually something saint. Right from the first mission we have to enter a dungeon which lead to an important ammunition dump and the player’s role is to place a bomb right where the ammunition is.

To enter in a dungeon, using brute force isn’t actually the best solution since enemies are everywhere. The best solution would be to hide behind a bush or a tree, or in a place where the sunlight doesn’t reach. The enemies can be tricked by throwing a rock or simply whistling. They come, but they don’t see you since it’s dark and when they want to go believing that their mind is playing with them, you can stab them in the back. This is the well-known way of attack of Violette Summer. Indeed, it may seem not so original, but still taking into account that this spy is so hot and the dungeon is waiting for you to discover it, it is a thing that you can definitely leave behind. Take into account and see top changes that happen in the game because they are crucial.

In big lines, this game is amazing since it has a good story at the base. It is a really good game, despite the fact that many game critics have stated that it is pretty boring. 

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